Guiding Minds Behind Pearson Hardman

Shekhar R. Wagh

Managing Partner

Shekhar, the Managing Partner is the guiding force propelling the company towards excellence. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, he orchestrates the company's growth with strategic finesse. His dynamic leadership not only charts new courses but also inspires the team to push boundaries. He brings to the table a treasure trove of experience, steering the ship of innovation and client-centric strategies. His vision is to weave campaigns that not only create impact but also cultivate timeless relationships. Under his dynamic leadership, Pearson Hardman continues to trailblaze, delivering results that reverberate and evolve.

Pradnya Mokashi

Creativite Head

Within the creative corridors of Pearson Hardman, Pradnya Mokashi, a true creative visionary, is the architect of brand rejuvenation. Armed with an innovative mindset and an imaginative spirit, Pradnya breathes life into brands. Her intuitive design acumen and perceptive eye elevate projects to art forms. Every stroke of her creative genius transforms ideas into visually enchanting narratives, setting Pearson Hardman's creative endeavors in a league of their own. Pradnya's ability to sculpt stories into visual masterpieces leaves indelible marks on audiences, forging brand stories that etch themselves into memory.

Monali S

PR Lead

Monali S, the PR Maven at Pearson Hardman, is a master of the art of crafting compelling narratives. Her strategic dexterity and dynamic communication prowess conjure stories that resonate across the media landscape. Navigating the labyrinthine realm of public relations, Monali's expertise unravels trends and hones in on industry insights. Her dedication to telling stories that matter has forged unbreakable bonds of trust with both clients and journalists. Monali's commitment to magnifying brand visibility transforms her into a cornerstone of the Pearson Hardman arsenal.

Sakshi Jain

Digital Dynamo

Sakshi Jain, the Digital Strategist at Pearson Hardman, is the maestro orchestrating the digital symphony of the company. Fueled by an unquenchable passion for technology and a mind finely tuned for analysis, Sakshi sculpts digital strategies that bridge brands with their target audiences. Her expertise spans diverse platforms, unlocking the potential of digital spaces. Sakshi's innovative flair and unyielding quest to foresee digital trends catapult Pearson Hardman into the vanguard of the digital marketing landscape. In her hands, digital landscapes transform into strategic playgrounds, propelling the company forward.